Who's Who:
updated March 11 2016 07:40:19

Sarah Peters founded Travels With My Aunt (TWMA) in 2009. Sarah lives in Dorset and has spent most of the last 20 years working in the voluntary sector.

 and Travelling

Sarah has an art background and can't help being creative.Her cooking skills are intuitive and her flair for understanding how flavours work together always please the palatte. Sarah can identify ingredients and create dishes from around the world with flair and understanding. She spent much of her youth working in a variety of industries as well as many student years in a variety of kitchens, hotels and restaurants.  She spent some time living and working in New Zealand and among other things, learned to make some great food and drinks with her Polynesian colleagues!

Sarah has 20 years experience of putting a project together and coupled with her history of working to involve people in communities, she understands how to meet and tailor the needs of her clients.

Sarah is very lucky to have a crew of dedicated, skilled and talented people who share her passion for food with an equal respect for the business of making good food for people who have a healthy zest for life. If you ever catch us frowning tell us because it is against our rules! 

Some of the people who work with us are just happy to thrive in a busy and hectic environment.

Beth is part of the furniture now and is a lovely woman who quietly manages in chaos but you would never know! Beth understands all things outdoors and can help you make some great food choices for you and family. A very talented artist too!

Tina is our bossy gem! Tina has a wealth of experience in working in high end busy restaurants. If we have a busy wedding or bespoke event where every second counts Tina is our person to lick everyone into shape and keep quality at the heart of our service! 

In a busy festival kitchen,Gail makes friends with everyone and can guess what you need when you walk in! Gail is also a circus performer and is a dab hand at entertaining audiences with fire poi when the sun goes down.

Lucy is quiet and unflappable. She will be the first up in the morning and just get on with it!  


Sarah and the many people who come each year to make up the TWMA team personally make sure your requirements are met and try to provide a unique and bespoke service. Give Sarah a call or email to plan and discuss your party or event and you wil be suprised where Travels With My Aunt takes you.